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A Short Hisory of Boxing

Much has been written and said about "Boxing" as a fighting sport in today’s world. Much of what has been said, has often been controversial. In the long history of its existence, boxing has been highly praised, but it has also been opposed, even banned - on ethical, moral and medical grounds. It is however, an undisputed fact that boxing, given the great variety involved in its practice, holds the admiration and attention of a wide viewing public, all around the globe. Boxing, as a spectator sport has its own following. They are knowledgeable and appreciate the finer points of the game. Patronage is not tolerated in decisions, fair play and correct decisions are demanded by an informed boxing public.

Early history showed that "Boxing" originated when a person first lifted a fist against another in play. Different eras of the sport have been distinguished by the use or non-use of fist coverings. The ancient Greeks believed that fist fighting was one of the games played by the Gods on Olympus; thus it became part of the Olympic Games in about 688BC.


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